Green projects are coming up roses for local community

As they say, I am one of those people who ‘Wears Many Hats’, especially gardening ones!

I work as the Community Outreach Manager at local organics recycling company Natural World Products producers of peat-free New Leaf Compost. I have the good fortune of visiting and helping many local community groups and schools around Northern Ireland through our Compost In The Community initiatives. Amongst the various elements of my work, I help with many rewarding growing journeys, whether by donating compost, providing horticultural knowledge or offering practical gardening assistance.

Whilst being a Community Outreach Manager is my main job, I’m a part-time horticulture student at SERC and a horticultural training facilitator for the RHS Campaign for School Gardening. I also deliver teacher training in NI for those wanting to develop school gardens as valuable growing spaces and as places for pupils' well-being.

Outside of all my compost in the community work, I grow lots of food and keep a few messy but productive allotments!