About Us

Natural World Products is a Northern Ireland based organics company leading the way with sustainable climate solutions

Our Company

Natural World Products was founded over 30 years ago and is now Ireland’s leading recycler of organics.

The products produced from our best-in-class recycling process provide sustainable and positive climate solutions across many areas that have a positive impact on the natural world. Our organic composts and soil conditioners are used to create healthy soils, improve green spaces, conserve natural habitats, improve mental well-being and restore sections of natural habitat to both urban and rural areas.

We believe the best way to encourage effective recycling of discarded organics is to ensure people see the tangible benefits of desired behavioural change flowing back in to their own communities. We have a dedicated Community Outreach Team committed to supporting growing and sustainability projects in the communities in which we are based and to the on-going education of young people and other stakeholders as to the wide-ranging benefits of the effective recycling of organics. It is crucial to understand how behaviours in our homes and businesses can help our region address key structural issues that may initially feel far removed from a food caddy in the kitchen or a brown bin at the side of a home or workplace.

Natural World Products is a critical part of Ireland’s circular and bioeconomy working to effect change and deliver sustainable long-term outcomes that help address the challenges of climate change.