Our Natural World

Positive impacts for the natural world around us

Our natural world requires our increased attention and willingness to embrace lessons nature can teach us - now more than ever. Through pioneering and progressive solutions as well as small changes in our own lives we can have a significantly positive impact on our environment, communities and climate.

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We are committed to programs of continuous improvement in all areas of our business to continue to push boundaries and increase the positive impact we can have on our natural world and the people that work for and with us.

Natural World Products is involved in many projects that help boost local bio-diversity and benefit the environment.

The latest project at Natural World Products is our Tree Planting Project which will see us plant a substantial amount of native trees around our facility.

Tree Planting Project
Compost Projects

Compost Projects

Our peat free compost has been an integral part of a number of inspiring projects, many of which help to improve the environment, climate and the well-being of local communities.

New Leaf Compost products are the foundation of many high profile schemes that require the healthiest of soils. For example, Historic Royal Palaces use New Leaf Compost at Hillsborough Castle Gardens and it forms a key element of the on-going management of The Open standard Golf Course at Royal Portrush.

We provide product to a wide range of community projects, allotments, parklands and gardens. Using our peat free compost in inspiring projects helps communities preserve their natural world and improve well-being. To learn more about the community projects we support find out more HERE

Our Compost Projects