Our Solutions

Effecting change for a more sustainable future

Natural World Products is committed to working on climate-focused solutions that will impact positively on our environment and in local communities.

Managing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of organics every year, NWP produces the highest quality peat-free composts and soil conditioners currently on the market. Leading the evolution of its sector, in agri-growing NWP products help to return organic matter to heavily farmed soils; reduce the requirement for synthetic fertilisers; improve growing yields; increase water retention; and address issues of soil compaction. Increasingly, they are also replacing the environmentally devastating peat-based growing media that have historically dominated horticulture.

From start to finish Natural World Products' recycling process results in significant carbon capture, sequestration and GHG reduction benefits.

Organic Recycling

NWP services and infrastructure divert over 300,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and incineration every year.

Circular Economy

NWP produces peat free composts and soil conditioners for use in agri-growing, horticulture and within local communities - a circular economy in action.

Community Outreach

NWP supports community projects and educational initiatives that produce engaging climate-focused solutions.

Regenerative Farming

Returning organic matter to heavily farmed soils - storing carbon and improving overall soil health.

Environmental Horticulture

Peat free organic composts as environmentally sustainable alternatives to peat based growing media - with far better growing results!

Carbon Capture

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 and other GHGs kept out of our atmosphere every year.