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Giving back and working with local communities

Connecting with the community is fundamental to Natural World Products and we focus on providing support to community projects and educational initiatives that produce engaging climate-focused solutions to create positive outcomes for both nature and people.

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Community Support

At Natural World Products we are currently supporting an ever expanding number of local community and voluntary projects.

These range across community gardens, men's sheds, public allotments and school gardening projects where people of all ages and backgrounds learn to grow their own food, improve their local environment or simply enjoy the benefits of outdoor education and horticultural therapy.

Kindergarden Cooks

Compost Education

We believe that education is fundamental to inspiring people to recycle their garden and food waste effectively in order to help produce organic compost and soil conditioners that can then flow back into local communities and the wider region to help address some of our most fundamental structural challenges.

Working in collaboration with local government and other key stakeholders in the bio-economy space is critical to the ultimate success of Northern Ireland and the island meeting stated climate and decarbonisation targets.