Who We Are

NWP – A local circular economy in action

Natural World Products (NWP) is a market leading organics recycling company at the forefront of the professionalisation of the recycling sector in Ireland.  In recent years the company has invested millions of pounds in developing reliable long-term recycling infrastructure that is crucial to Northern Ireland being able to meet ever-more challenging recycling targets.

NWP produces high quality organic compost from incoming organic materials that is used in a wide range of horticultural and agricultural applications.  Product produced by NWP is having a hugely positive impact at the heart of Northern Ireland’s agri-economy, as well as within its local communities see examples here.

In agriculture compost is vital to restoring and maintaining soil health, helping to replenish vital nutrients and organic matter lost through the ravages of historically intensive farming practices.  Agri-customers range from small independent growers supplying some of the country’s finest hotels and restaurants to large-scale producers supplying oats, potatoes and other crop into some of the world’s best-known retailers. 

In addition to the obvious benefits to soil health, where crop yields and workability can be improved dramatically, one tonne of compost applied keeps the equivalent of 375kgs of CO2 out of the atmosphere by locking carbon up in soil, thereby reducing the impact of harmful Greenhouse Gases on the atmosphere.

Contributing in real ways to our local community is also vital to what we do at NWP and we currently support a number of local community projects through the provision of compost to help improve green spaces and promote the development of the natural environment. See examples here.

NWP is passionate about working progressively with our customers and partner organisations to create and maintain a sustainable environment in ways that tangibly benefit our local economy and communities.


  • Glenside IVC & Transfer Facility, Belfast
    NWP Glenside is a state-of-the-art In-Vessel Composting and Recycling Facility on the outskirts of Belfast.
  • Keady Composting Facility, Co Armagh
    NWP Keady uses a combination of In-Vessel Composting and external Aerated Static Pile (ASP’s) composting.
  • Antrim Transfer Facility, Antrim
    NWP Antrim is licensed to accept and transfer 65,000 tonnes of a wide range of EWC Codes.
  • Drumanakelly Transfer Facility, Co. Down
    NWP Drumanakelly is licensed to accept and transfer 45,000 tonnes of a wide range of EWC Codes.