Compost in Agriculture

NWP supplies high quality organic compost to agricultural customers across the island. Produced from incoming organic materials, it can be used on grass land, arable crops and for land reclamation.

Compost is a natural, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical and synthetic fertilisers, helping to restore organic matter to soils and increasing its vitality over time.  NWP’s agri customers see organic compost as an essential part of long-term soil health management.  Its slow-release of vital nutrients gives root systems a steadier uptake to build strong stems that allow for maximum support of resulting crop.  This helps farmers harvest maximum yields as if nutrient uptake is too rapid, stem systems do not support the resultant growth meaning a loss of yield come harvest time.  Moisture retention, greater workability and increased organic matter content are all very welcome additional benefits. 

  • Simon Best
    Simon Best
    Growing Premium quality oats that are used in Whites Speedicook Porridge Oats. Simon believes that “the use of composts to replace lost organic matter is changing the way we farm our soils”.   
  • Derek Erwin
    Derek Erwin
    Derek is a potato farmer in Co, Down supplying Wilson Country Potatoes, a major supplier to Tesco. Derek is in his third season of applying compost to his soil and is already seeing better skin finishes on his shop ready potatoes.
  • Alan Crossery
    Alan Crossery
    Alan is a Cereal Farmer in Co Down. Since starting to apply compost approximately 2 years ago, Alan has seen crop yields and plant health improve through better soil fertility, without needing to apply any P & K fertilisers!