Tree Planting At Natural World Products

March 2023 saw the launch of the tree planting project at Natural World Products. The launch day,lead by Sharon Mc Master, NWP’s Community Outreach Manager, was a collaboration between the Belfast Hills Partnership, The Woodland Trust and Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council who grew many of the trees for the project in Peat Free New Leaf Compost produced by Natural World Products.

The ‘Forest Expansion Scheme’ grant from the Dept. Of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs was awarded to Natural World Products at the start of the year. Between 2023 and 2025 Natural World Products will oversee the planting of seven hectares which will include native tree species, hedges and pollinating plants.

Tree Planting Group

Tree Planting On Belfast Hills

Natural World Products is committed to improving the surrounding area at Glenside in the Belfast Hills by working alongside various groups and charities including the Belfast Hills Partnership.

Improving the Belfast Hills is an integral part of the Tree Planting Project at Natural World Products. Through a continuous project programme of planting, Natrual World Products will be increasing tree coverage, improving bio-diversity and protect wildlife habitats in the surrounding hills.

The Belfast Hills Partnership is a charity committed to improving the surrounding ares of the Belfast hills.

Belfast Hills Partnership
Tree Planting Section Holder

Native Tree Species

Planting native trees in Northern Ireland forms an essential part of restoring woodland which will protect wildlife and assist in the fight against climate change. The Woodland Trust plays a crucial role in the creation of native woodlands, such as the Natural World Tree Planting Project in the Belfast Hills.

The trees planted for the launch of the tree planting project at Natural World Products included native species such as Birch, Rowan and Alder.

" Our vision is a world where woods and trees thrive for people and nature. " The Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust
Big Tree Project

Big Tree Project

The Big Tree Project is a project Lisburn Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) are running in partnership with the Woodland Trust. Lisburn Castlereagh City Council area has the lowest tree canopy cover in Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland has the lowest tree canopy cover in Europe. Trees offer so much to us and our surrounding environment, they are vital to sustaining life, and more need to be planted. The objective of this project to protect and grow more native woodland areas for future generations.

The trees planted at the Natural World Products Tree Planting Launch Day were grown from seed in Peat Free New Leaf Compost at the council run tree nursery in Castlereagh.

The Big Tree Project
Tree Planting Collaboration

Environmental Impact Of Tree Planting

The trees themselves and the compost and soil conditioners used in planting trees play an incredible role in terms of carbon capture, helping to return organic material to the soil and in enabling us to start restoring formerly neglected lands to more natural states of biodiversity, and reduce erosion

With a continuous programme of planting and other exciting collaborations happening in other council areas we have an ambitious vision to do a lot more of this type of work in the Belfast Hills and beyond.

Through this type of effective collaboration, we can seek to increase tree coverage, build soil health, improve biodiversity and protect crucial habitats in the hills surrounding us.

Benefits Of Tree Planting

Native Tree Planting

15,000 Native Tree Species Planted by 2025

Peat Free Compost

Trees Germinated & Grown In New Leaf Compost

Soil Health

Planting Trees Will Improve Soil Health

Carbon Capture

Planting Trees & Improving Soils Captures Carbon

Improved Bio-diversity

Tree Coverage Provides Natural Habitats For Wildlife

Sustainable Future

Creating New Woodlands For Future Generations