Sustainable Communities Fund

Ireland’s leading organics recycling firm, Natural World Products (NWP) launched a new ‘Sustainable Communities Fund’, seeking to provide financial support to community groups within the West Belfast and Keady areas.

The fund supported groups and projects that demonstrated community involvement and the aim was to create opportunities and empower local people.

In line with NWP’s wider business, the funding initiative had a strong focus on sustainability, providing assistance to groups and projects that could outline how they would make a positive contribution to sustainability at a local level.

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Crossfire Trust, Darkley

The Crossfire Trust in Darkley, Co.Armagh is a fantastic charity helping a wide range of people. I visited Darkley House in December and met Ian, who founded the trust, and Luke who works mostly in the wonderful garden they have created for residents, staff, volunteers, visitors and the wider community to come and enjoy the many little stopping points where you can sit and just ‘be ‘ in nature taking in the stunning views of the countryside.

TCT were just one of the successful applicants of the SCF that NWP launched inJune 2022. The financial help will go towards a structured horticultural and cookery programme to empower both the staff and volunteers with more skills to further develop their existing grounds and add fresh organic produce to their community fridge which exists to benefit anyone in the community. Enjoy our video about Darkley House and find out more about Crossfire below.

Visit Crossfire Trust