Colin Glen Allotments

Natural World Products Community Allotment Space

As part of New Leaf Compost 'No Dig November ', producer of the peat free compost 'Natural World Products ' took over an allotment space at Colin Glen Allotments in Belfast. To tackle the currently over grown space we used the no dig method of laying cardboard and compost on top of the grass / weeds. We demonstrated this technique via a workshop offered to current plot holders at the site.

Sharon ( Head of ESG & Community Outreach ) from Natural World Products made one bed for garlic and onions by removing the grass sods ,spreading a bag of compost and planting directly.

The participants at our No-Dig Workshop learnt the methods of no-dig gardening using peat free New Leaf Compost.

Weeding Colin Glen

Weeding at the new Natural World Products Allotment Space at Colin Glen Allotments

Garlic Onions Colin Glen

Sorting Onions and Garlic for planting at our new allotment space

Planting Onions Colin Glen

Planting onions and garlic in November to be ready early summer 2023

No Dig Workshop 1

Getting ready to add our new sign to the Natural World Products Allotment Space

No Dig Workshop 8

Workshop participants adding peat free compost to our allotment space

No Dig Workshop 2

Teaching workshop participants the benefits of using cardboard for no-dig gardening

No Dig Workshop 3

Adding peat free New Leaf Compost on to newspaper at our No-Dig Workshop

No Dig Workshop 4

Raking compost over newspaper and cardboard which will keep the weeds down!

No Dig Workshop 7

Everyone attending the workshop got hands on working with the compost

No Dig Workshop 5

We brought in many wheelbarrows of New Leaf Compost

No Dig Workshop 9

New Leaf Compost produced by Natural World Products

No Dig Workshop 10

A well earned tea and coffee break - talking compost of course also!

We used peat free New Leaf Compost at our no-dig workshop which is produced locally by Natural World Products.

Learn about peat free compost at our New Leaf Compost website.

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